Our People

It doesn’t matter how many mission statements or visions a management team produces – if the scaffolders aren’t capable, or simply don’t care, they will never provide a reliable and high quality service.

NT Scaffold P/L (NTS) is in a uniquely privileged position. NTS uses only directly employed and fully trained employees. The vast majority of our competition relies, either entirely or substantially, on a nomadic sub contract work force and or FIFO that will leave site as soon as a better offer appears.

NTS have a highly qualified onsite workforce of more than 30 skilled Scaffolders and Riggers ranging from:

  • Intermediate - Advanced Scaffolders

  • Intermediate - Advanced Riggers

Trained in:

  • First Aid


  • Fire Rescue Training

  • Working in confined spaces

  • Working at heights

  • Forklift operations

  • First Aid

  • EWP

Our in house team consists of  

  • Safety team 

  • Design engineer 

  • Talented administration team keeping the NTS machine rolling efficiently.

It is an essential part of our ethos that the senior management positions are held by experienced scaffolders. 

'Knowledge and experience of scaffolding is at the centre of everything we do'.